Lip Piercing Information Guide with all 12 Types Explained

The Lip Piercing

A piercing on the lip or any area surrounding the lips is known as a lip piercing. Lip piercing is a common practice in many parts of the world. In some parts of Africa, lip piercing is done on young men who become of age after getting initiated. It is also a common practice in today’s youth. It reflects a sense of individual style. It is one of the least painful of all types of piercings. This might be the reason why most people prefer lip piercings to piercings on other parts of the body. Lip piercing can be referred to as either facial or oraltype of piercing. There are various types of lip piercings that are discussed below.

Lip Piercing

12 Types of Lip Piercings Explained

Below you will find the 12 most common lip piercings explained with a short summary, for more information about healing times, after-care, costs or just inspirational examples of our piercing models click on the links to all our information guides.

Labret PiercingLabret Piercing Jewelry

This kind of piercing is done on the lower lip. In most cases it is done at the centre. However there are other choices depending on preferences. It can be done by anyone who is willing regardless of age and gender. Find more information and inspiration in this extensive guide about Labret and Vertical Labret Piercings.


Monroe PiercingMonroe Piercing

This lip piercing is named after Marilyn Monroe since it is done with an effort to resemble the late star’s birthmark. The piercing is on the left hand side on top of the upper lip to the side.


Medusa PiercingMedusa Lip Piercing

This is a piercing done on the philtrum region just below the nose. It is crucial to get this piercing right since if placed in the wrong way, it can alter the face symmetry.


Vertical Labret PiercingVertical Labret Piercing

This kind of lip piercing is similar to the labret piercing. The difference is that the vertical labret is pierced in such a way that the piercing is made to be parallel to the lip tissues.  Find an extensive Labret Piercing Guide with 21 Inspirational Examples here.


Snake Bites PiercingSnake Bites Piercing Model

The snake bite lip piercings are on the lower lip. Each side of the lip has a piercing. It is possible to get both piercings at the same time. More information about snake bites you can find in the Ultimate Snake Bites Piercing Information Guide.


Spider Bites PiercingSpider Bites Piercing

These are similar to snake bites but are closer together compared to the snake bites. It is more painful and should therefore be done one at a time. This means that you should wait until one piercing heals in order to get another.


Angel Bites PiercingAngel Bites Lip Piercing

These are similar to the Monroe lip piercings. The only difference is that they are on both sides on top of the upper lip instead of one one side.


Cyber Bites PiercingCyber Bites Piercing

These lip piercings are opposite each other. One is in the middle of the upper lip and the other one on the lower lip. Very similar to a Labret piercing but then on the top and bottom of the lips.


Dolphin Bites PiercingDolphin Bite Piercing

These are two lip piercings that are placed at the centre of the lower lip or just below the lip. Some people place them a little bit lower or even in the lowest part of the lip.


Dahlia Bites PiercingDahlia Bites Piercing

Another variation of the labret piercing is known as the dahlia piercing. These lip piercings are done at the corners of the mouth. Each corner has one piercing. Most popular is to put two steels balls but often rings will be used too.


Canine Bites PiercingCanine Bites Piercing

These are similar to angel bites. The difference is that they are placed above the upper lip and below the lower lip. Therefore, there are four piercings in total. The surface of the lip itself is normally not pierced, except for canine bites and horizontal lip piercings.


Shark Bites PiercingShark Bites Piercing

Shark Bites are done on either side of the area below the lower lip. There are four piercings. Two on each side placed close to each other. This one is very similar to the snake bite piercing, but the steels are closer together.


Lip Piercing Procedures

The general procedure of any kind of lip piercing mainly involves the specialist making marks on the area to be pierced using an antiseptic known as Gentian Violet. Once this is done, forceps are used to stretch out the lips with a bid to line up the marks. The lip is then pierced after this. The final step involves screwing the bead onto the post. The procedure does not hurt as compared to other types of piercing. However, pain is said to vary depending on individuals.


There are several things that determine the cost of a lip piercing. These are; the place, the metal used and the number of piercings you intend to get. It most cases it ranges from $20 to $120.

Healing and After Care

It is important to clean both sides of the piercing using salt solution. This is because the piercing is in most cases in contact with saliva which contains bacteria. Cleaning ensures the area is not infected. This controls swelling an pain. It is also important to ensure you visit a dentist in case the piercing is affecting the color of your teeth. Lavender oil is good in promoting healing and should therefore be applied on the wound.

In conclusion, if you decide to get a lip piercing, it is important to make sure you get it done by someone who is qualified. This will ensure you do not have any serious side effects from the procedure.

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