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Tattoos and body modifications have been recognized as having physical, metaphysical, and psychological effects across so many time periods and cultures although in western millennial culture, I don’t think most of us relate. In such a homogenized ethnic melting pot, the downside is the lack of sacred symbolism, no central spiritual belief, and no hard […]

Tattoos Viewed Differently Around The World

As tattoos are slowly but surely gaining acceptance and popularity amongst most of the American population, it is interesting to note how widespread the appeal of this practice is becoming in other countries around the world. It is also interesting to consider how various other cultures view this practice, and whether those views have changed […]

Marked Men: The 10 Coolest Tattoos on Film

When presenting a character in a film, directors and costume designers think very carefully about every last detail: what color shirt, what brand of shoes, how mussed the hair. Maybe this is why some of the coolest and most apt tattoos we’ve ever seen have popped up in movies, from the original knuckle tattoos to […]

Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Most Tattoos

Ink is a thing of beauty in these places, from Angelina Jolie’s birthplace to Kat Von D’s old hangout… Well, it’s official. Whether or not you think tattoos are sexy forms of self-expression, Maxim, Playboy, AskMen.com and FOX have all pegged tattooed beauties as some of the hottest in the world. The most recent picks? […]